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    For the month of October, we’re focusing on all the ways to nourish your body. But why is nourishment so important in our self-care journeys? Consider this: our bodies are like seeds, and without the proper nourishment and care, how can we be expected to bloom into the best versions of ourselves? 

    Have you ever been burdened with so much stress that you feel helpless, overwhelmed, and completely exhausted? That may be a sign that you’re on the road to burnout, and need to take a step back to reassess your lifestyle. 

    In order to find a cure for burnout, you need to fully understand what it is and just how common it has become. Burnout is a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by prolonged stress. If you feel as though you may be suffering from burnout, you’re not alone! Burnout and excessive stress are at an all-time high worldwide following the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a study conducted by Mental Health Research Canada in December 2021, more than one-third (35%) of all working Canadians have reported feeling burned out. 


    Here at Loti Wellness, we firmly believe that nourishment is essential. Nourishing all parts of your body can help you overcome stress, restore your internal balance, and prevent burnout. Nourishment can mean providing your body with the right nutrients and necessary movement, while also doing activities that remove feelings of overwhelm from your mind to help you connect with yourself on a deeper level. 

    By nourishing yourself, you’re paving the way for a healthier and happier you. It’s easier to enjoy what life has to offer you when your mind and body are properly nourished. Making that commitment to nourish all parts of yourself is the epitome of self-care and self-love. To better navigate this journey, we’re providing you with 10 ways to nourish your mind, body, and soul.


    Reduce your screen time

    Spending time in front of screens can easily become addicting, whether it’s watching Netflix on the TV or scrolling through apps on your phone. One of the biggest ways you can nourish your mind is by limiting your screen time to increase your productivity and focus. 

    Technology is a huge distraction that can hinder our ability to be productive. By reducing your screen time, you’re forcing yourself to stay focused and complete tasks quicker. Turn your phone off or keep it in another room so you’re no longer tempted to be glued to your phone. For more benefits of reducing your screen time, check out this article

    Establish a morning routine

    Organizing a morning routine that you love and enjoy is a great way to nourish your mind. A morning routine nourishes our minds because it helps us introduce organization into our lives, and form a consistent schedule that we tend to crave. 

    When deciding what to include in your routine, focus on it being realistic, as well as nourishing. If you fill your morning routine with tasks that are not manageable, you’ll become overwhelmed and may find it difficult to form healthy habits. Be sure it’s a routine that suits you and your existing schedule well. 

    If you’re wanting to establish a morning routine to nourish your mind, here’s an idea of what that could look like: 

    • Make your bed
    • Drink a full glass of water
    • Cook a delicious healthy breakfast
    • Eat your food and have a mindful coffee break
    • Pick out your clothes for the day
    • Shower and get dressed
    • Pack a bag full of everything you need for your work day
    • Hop into the car and play your favourite music for your commute

    Get fresh air regularly

    Nature-based activities, like going for a walk, have positive effects on your mental health, such as boosting your overall mood and reducing feelings of anxiety. By spending time outdoors, we’re able to slow down, take deeper breaths, and feel truly at peace. 

    Spending long periods inside can fuel anxiety, insomnia, and feelings of overwhelm. Participate in an outdoor activity to give you a necessary change of scenery if your schedule keeps you indoors for most of the day. Consider taking a walk around the neighbourhood or eating your lunch outside to get some fresh air.


    Reduce added sugar

    Reducing added sugar in your diet can be challenging since it hides in a lot of different foods, even the ones that are considered healthy. To effectively nourish our bodies, we must have a healthy balance when it comes to sugar. Some sweetness is okay, but not in large quantities. Too much added sugar can harm your health, putting you at a greater risk for heart disease, diabetes, and other health conditions.

    When we are successfully able to reduce our sugar intake, our energy levels and quality of life are increased. Our bodies start internally healing when we consume less sugar. We can reduce the chances of liver or heart conditions, manage our weight better, and regulate our blood sugar just by giving our body the nourishment it deserves. For more about the benefits of quitting sugar, read this article.

    Stretch and move your body

    Stretching and general movements are a form of nourishment for your body because they keep your muscles strong and flexible over time, helping you have a longer life. Through scientific research, we know that stretching has been shown to increase serotonin levels too, which is the hormone that helps stabilize our mood and reduce overall stress. 

    Moving your body is a good way to avoid chronic pain, which can make simple tasks like vacuuming your home feel almost impossible. Without the proper movement, our muscles tighten over the years, leading to a long-term problem with pain. For example, sitting in a chair all day can result in tight hamstrings in the back of your thigh, which can make walking more difficult. Over time, this pain may even affect your life expectancy, so it’s important to understand how it happens, and how you can better nourish your body to prevent it. 

    Challenge yourself to stretch your neck and loosen your shoulders every hour to slowly introduce some general movement into your daily routine. 

    Prioritize getting more sleep

    The most important thing to our health is the recovery time we have every night. When we sleep, our body and mind can recharge and fully prepare for the next day. Not getting enough adequate sleep increases your risk of suffering from various disorders, like insomnia and anxiety. 

    A good quality sleep means having an uninterrupted and consistent rest. Sleep is an important way to nourish our bodies, and we have to make it a priority in our lives. Getting a good night’s sleep helps regulate our digestion, increase our brain activity, and improve our overall mood. If you want to start prioritizing sleep as a form of nourishment, check out these 6 tips for getting a better sleep. 


    Connect with others

    Socializing with others gives us a sense of community, which as humans, we constantly crave. Those suffering with mental illnesses typically find relief in being surrounded with a solid support system, whether it’s their friends or family. Having this sense of community nourishes our soul by allowing us to feel safe, secure, and united with those around us. Here are 3 reasons that demonstrate how connecting with others can nourish your soul: 

    1. Belonging: Being part of a community gives us people to identify with and a place where we truly fit in. 
    2. Support: Navigating through difficult situations can feel less scary with the support of others. Knowing there are people who support, love, and care for you brings with it a sense of security.
    3. Purpose: In a community, everyone has a different role. Those roles can give people a sense of purpose, and having purpose gives us a new meaning to life.

    Practice gratitude

    It’s important to live life full of gratitude because we all have things we’re grateful for, whether it’s family, friendships, opportunities, or anything else. By being grateful, we’re acknowledging the goodness in our lives and connecting with ourselves on a deeper level. Gratitude helps us to feel more positive about life, relish in good experiences, and build stronger relationships, therefore nourishing our souls. An example of gratitude could be saying thank you to someone in a genuine way helps that person know you noticed what they did.

    Fuel your passions

    A hobby is an activity you have a passion for and enjoy doing in your own time. Our passions nourish our souls by releasing serotonin, immediately boosting our moods and lowering stress. Typically, there’s a lot of pressure around trying to monetize your hobbies, but that may create a lot of unnecessary stress and unhappiness, which can make you hate doing what you once enjoyed. Try to lean into what you love doing, and do it purely because you love it!


    Use this time of seasonal change to evaluate how you’ve been nourishing your body, mind, and soul, to fully get started on this wellness journey. To be a happier and healthier version of you, you must properly nourish every part of yourself. While nourishment is typically related to food, we truly believe nourishment goes beyond that. You must learn to nourish not only your body, but your mind and soul too.

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