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    Happy New Year! January gives you a renewed sense of optimism, which puts you in a great mindset for welcoming a brand new year of opportunities and experiences. And we want to help you welcome this year from a place of self-care by reintroducing you to the power of affirmations.

    Affirmations are positive statements that challenge negative or unhelpful thoughts. Affirmations can boost your self-esteem, help you achieve your goals, and become more present in your life. 

    The extra encouragement and guidance that comes from reciting affirmations is beneficial to your mental well-being. It’s a good idea to incorporate affirmations into your daily routine so you can move forward with a positive attitude.

    Here are 5 affirmations that may help guide you through 2023 with a positive mindset.

    “I release what no longer serves me well”

    Use this affirmation to remind yourself to let go of any shortcomings, fears, and reluctance. Your future is bright, and good things are making their way to you if you make room for them.

    Take inventory of your life, and figure out which areas cause you to feel unhappy or unfulfilled. You can’t move forward through 2023 as a better and more positive version of yourself if you’re surrounded by things that dim your light.

    “I feel empowered in all moments and can find happiness in the present”

    This is an affirmation that will help you avoid looking at happiness as something that can only come once you’ve reached a certain milestone or accomplished a specific goal. Happiness isn’t just one big destination. It’s found in all of the smaller stops along the way.

    This new year will be filled with a lot of exciting adventures and unforgettable experiences. In order to truly embrace this new chapter in your life, remember to seek out the happiness in every moment you have this year.

    “I accept every day as a fresh start and am ready for what will come”

    Every day is a new opportunity. Recite this affirmation when you need to find comfort in knowing that you’ll get a clean slate the next day. Worrying about things you cannot control will drain you of your mental strength. It’s best to take advantage of every new day, and leave some things in the past.

    As you enter this new year, it’s important that you remind yourself that each day is a blank canvas. You can decide what to do with it. You should use it as an opportunity to spend it doing something that matters the most to you. This way, you’ll maintain a positive mindset every day in 2023.

    “I give myself permission to change and grow”

    Saying this affirmation will remind you that you don’t always have to be the same version of yourself. If you decide that you want to do things differently this year then give yourself permission to do that.

    Changing doesn’t mean you’re abandoning who you are as a person. It means you’re evolving into a newer version of yourself. Personal growth is such a powerful thing to experience, especially as you head into a time that’s full of opportunities.

    “I deserve to celebrate all of my successes”

    Use this affirmation to encourage yourself to celebrate all of your successes, even the smaller ones you may normally gloss over. A small win is still a win! When you refuse to acknowledge these little victories, you’re not giving yourself the credit you deserve, which can negatively affect your attitude. 

    Since the new year is a time of goal-setting for many, it’s important to keep the idea of celebrating all of your accomplishments with you as you progress through the year. This will help you keep a positive attitude going into 2023. 

    Start this new year off with a positive mindset through the right affirmations

    Use affirmations to help guide you through this year in a positive way. Affirmations have the power to uplift you just by reciting them to yourself, which is why they’re a powerful tool in our wellness and self-care journeys.

    It’s good for your mental and physical health that you keep a positive attitude when entering a new chapter, and we hope these 5 affirmations will serve you well in 2023.

    Follow us on Instagram @lotiwellness for more tips on how to keep a positive mindset this year! And if you need any self-care inspiration to start this year off, head over to our blog to read through our previous articles.


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