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    February is a month dedicated to celebrating love, so why not use this month as a chance to devote your time to loving yourself? We want to help you prioritize showing yourself love by giving you some solo date ideas you can incorporate into your weekly schedule. Taking yourself out on a date can be empowering, and you deserve to show yourself the same amount of love, care, and appreciation as you show others.

    We often rely too much on other people to give us love, happiness, and feelings of fulfillment, without realizing that we have the power to give ourselves all of that. Your happiness doesn’t have to depend on your relationship status or who you spend your time with. Instead, for this month of love, we challenge you to learn to enjoy spending time on your own by planning a date for yourself.

    Spending time with yourself is a form of self-love, which reinforces the mindset that you are worthy, valuable, and loveable. While you’re on a solo date, you also get the chance to get to know yourself on a deeper level and find comfort in being by yourself. This can give you a more fulfilling and happy life.

    It’s important to plan frequent solo dates for yourself throughout the entire year as part of your wellness routine, and not just during the month of February. But it’s great to start now!

    Here are 6 solo date ideas to help you rediscover who you are and strengthen the love you have for yourself!

    Solo date idea 1: Attend a local workshop or class

    No matter what time of year it is, there are always so many workshops and fun classes to experience near you, in-person and virtually. 

    Attending a workshop or class is a great opportunity to try something new or to hone in on your existing skills and hobbies. The event you attend can involve anything like pottery making, painting, floral arranging, or even yoga.

    This is also a great solo date idea for those of you who are looking to get out of your comfort zone while still being around others. You’re experiencing a shared activity with new people, but you’re still able to enjoy your evening solo if you choose. It’s the best of both worlds!

    Solo date idea 2: Take yourself out for coffee

    Going to your favourite coffee shop is a great solo date idea because it can feel familiar and it’s so easy to do. Treating yourself to a coffee may be something you do often when you’re out running errands, but we’re suggesting you make a whole date out of getting your coffee fix. Sit down inside a local café and read a book or listen to a podcast while sipping your delicious drink. 

    You can use this solo date as an excuse to find new coffee shops, or if you find comfort in planning a visit to a café you’re familiar with, we encourage you to try new menu items. Get a little adventurous on your solo coffee date!

    Solo date idea 3: Go on a hike or walk

    Taking yourself on a date doesn’t mean you need to spend a lot of money or get all dressed up. Getting outdoors is always a fun option! A hike or walk are great solo date ideas that can be done for free, no matter the season. You can find a local trail to hike or just walk around your neighbourhood.

    To make this hike or walk even more fulfilling, you can bring some music along, or listen to the sounds around you. You can also use this time for inner reflection and meditation. It’s a great opportunity to get to know yourself on a deeper level.

    Solo date idea 4: Plan a staycation

    Planning a staycation gives you the chance to step away from your everyday life and become a tourist in your own town! You can take a day off to explore, or even stay overnight at an Airbnb or hotel to get a full weekend of activities in. 

    Explore places you haven’t been to before and have fun. Focus on your interests and seeing places that make you excited. Check out local “must-see” lists of attractions and “must-try” lists for food. Enjoy your time alone!

    Solo date idea 5: Visit an art gallery or museum

    Planning a trip to an art gallery or museum close to you is a therapeutic and educational experience. You can even research upcoming exhibits so you can schedule your solo date during a time where a certain art collection or museum artifact is coming to a town near you.

    This solo date idea is a great way to spend an evening. You can carefully examine and enjoy the exhibit for as long as you please without needing to rush. No one is expecting anything from you during this date, so you can wander around at your own pace and get lost in the beauty.

    Solo date idea 6: Host a self-care spa night

    If you’re stuck on what solo date to have, you can never go wrong with planning yourself an at-home spa night. Self-care is one of the best ways to show yourself some love. All you need to do is clear an evening, put on a skin-care related face mask, and take a warm bubble bath. Talk about relaxing!

    If you want to take this self-care night to a higher level, consider purchasing one of our one-time Loti boxes. We provide you with curated wellness and self-care products right to your door. And if you’re ready for a monthly at-home self-care solo date night, subscribe for 6 or 12 months of Loti boxes!

    Treat yourself to solo dates this year

    Incorporating self-love into your life is so important, and everyone can benefit from it. Taking yourself on solo dates is just one way to accomplish this. You are worthy of love and happiness, and those feelings don’t need to be dependent on anyone else in your life. You have the power to give yourself love and happiness. So try one of these solo date ideas out this month, and start your self-love journey.

    If you need more solo date ideas, check out this article that lists off 41 different activities you can do all on your own.

    To learn more about loving yourself, follow us on Instagram @lotiwellness! If you end up treating yourself to a solo date, we’d love for you to tag us in a photo on social media so we can see what you planned for your date.


    6 Solo Date Ideas

    February is a month dedicated to celebrating love, so why not use this month as a chance to devote your time to loving yourself? We

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