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    This month is all about creating a self-care plan, which is unique to every person. The workbook included in the December Loti Wellness Box is designed to help you reflect on your current self-care practices and create a self-care plan to take care of yourself too! By learning to identify activities and practices that support your wellbeing, it will help you to sustain positive self-care.


    The term “self-care” is often associated with luxury and indulgence, but self-care as a discipline is a necessary component of your wellbeing – in mind, body and soul. Taking time to look after yourself is an important part of creating a happy and healthy lifestyle. Self-care refers to the activities that we do regularly to maintain our health and wellness. Some examples include exercising, eating well, socializing and engaging in hobbies that are meaningful to us! During times of stress, self-care is often neglected while we tend to other responsibilities.


    Self-care is not selfish!


    What is the purpose of a self-care plan?

    1. Self-care will make you more resilient to stress.

    By incorporating self-care activities into your daily routine (e.g., going for a walk, socializing), you give you body and mind time to rest and reset so you can prevent burnout.

    2. Self-care enhances relationships.

    Self-care helps you maintain a healthy relationship with yourself and others. When you feel good physically and mentally, you are happier and more confident. This enables you to maintain positive relationships and set healthy, functional boundaries with those around you.

    3. Self-care helps you to be more productive.

    When you take time for yourself, you have more energy to meet the demands of daily life. It is essential to engage in self-care activities that allow you to rest, reset and rejuvenate so you can tackle those things you want and need to do.

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    With kindness and love,

    The Loti Team xo

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