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    Many of us are prone to hibernate during the winter and who can blame us when it’s frigid outside? Hibernation may be great for bears, but we need to stay moving to keep our health and mindset sharp. 

    Why Are Many Of Us Prone To Hibernating?

    It may be cold and gloomy out, but there are many ways to stay mindful and healthy. Many of us are more prone to gloominess and depression during the winter, which is sometimes classified as seasonal affective disorder(SAD). 

    One of the best ways to combat the winter blues is getting as much sun exposure as possible, which helps to maintain regular serotonin and melatonin levels in our bodies. These are two very important chemicals in the brain that keep our sleep and mood even.

    How To Break Out Of Hibernation Mode

    Take a moment today and evaluate how you can begin getting outside and moving again. 

    This could be something like:

    • Taking five minutes in the morning to take some deep breaths outside
    • Briskly walking outside with your dog 
    • Enjoying the beautiful snow and building a snowman or making a snow angel in your yard
    • Working out indoors to your favorite music to get your blood pumping

    If physically exerting yourself seems too daunting, try mentally stimulating yourself. It’s all too easy to become stagnant when you’re cooped up at home, so purposefully choose to break up your routine.  

    Give yourself a new challenge as we break into Spring and refresh ourselves:

    • Learn to cook a new dish
    • Pick up that puzzle or board game you are always saying you’ll get around to
    • Redecorate your home, paint a room, or hang up decorations
    • Start that hobby you’ve always wanted to try – paint, sing, dance, etc.
    • Read something outside your comfort zone. See what people in your life enjoy reading and pick something that you’d normally avoid!

    Most importantly, listen to your body and tune into how you are feeling. Close your eyes and scan your body to see if you’re feeling tension or pain anywhere and still your mind to allow yourself to digest how you’re really feeling. Take steps to address any tension or unpleasant feelings you pick up on. 

    Let’s break out of hibernation mode together by taking active steps to wake our mind and body up!

    Share with us how you’re breaking out of hibernation mood in our private Facebook group where we join together to achieve our goals of living a mindful and purposeful life.

    With kindness and love,

    The Loti Team xo

    A lotus is a flower that blooms from the mud. It symbolizes overcoming adversity and achieving your greatest potential. The Loti Wellness Box offers practical skills and products to reduce stress and anxiety, and improve your overall wellbeing.