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    ANITAKO Organics is an artisan line of natural inspired bath and beauty products. Formulated only with pure, raw, aromatic and sustainable organic ingredients to give you a radiant body, mind, and spirit. Give it a try, and get hooked. Meet the hands behind the products: Anita Ko.

    What inspired you to launch your brand?

    My kids! 😊 I first begun handmaking wellness products twelve years ago for my sons’ sensitive skin. They were easily affected by rashes and frequently felt dry and itchy. Aspiring to give my little ones the best, I then learned how to make natural soap. I remember how soft their skin felt after using the first bar of my handmade soap. I was so thrilled that their skin got a huge improvement since then, and I was excited to cultivate my newfound passion.

    Years later, I am not only making soaps, but also other skin care products including lip balms, moisturizers, and more, for my family, friends, and my wonderful customers. I enjoy making natural and effective products, reflecting my wholesome philosophy on life. Knowing that my handmade natural products are being enjoyed and hearing feedback from my happy customers with happy skin are really soul satisfying. I truly hope you become one of them.

    Give it a try, and become a part of my holistic philosophy. Enjoy!

    Why do you think it’s important to practice self-care, even from home, and what are some ways that you do it?

    While the world becomes seemingly gripped on negativity, it can be overwhelming to find peace and positivity in our lives. As a mother, I have been finding myself increasingly stressed in these situations, and in accordance, self-care has taken upon a greater importance in my life. 

    Listening to the songs I love, doing 30 minutes of exercises a day, reading my top novels, and letting my creativity flow while water colouring are my favourite ways to practice self-care. Petting and hugging my cat has also been one of the most rewarding self-care tips I have been doing since his adoption a little over a year ago.

    Not only do these activities improve my physical health, they also improve my mental wellbeing by spending time doing and being around the things I love. 

    Regardless of your choice of self-care practices, I believe that it is always important to keep your loved ones close and spend your time doing the things you love. It does not have to be much, but a little goes a long way!

    What’s one thing you do every morning that’s really made a difference in your self-care routine?

    “I love you guys and have a good day!” That is a message I will always say to my two kids while dropping them off at school. Spreading the positivity every morning to those I love is the perfect start to my day. 

    Why is your product different from anything else on the market for wellness goods?

    ANITAKO Organics products separate themselves into its own echelon through the incorporation of pure, natural, and simple ingredients. I strive to combine quality organics and effective ingredients which reflect a gentle and wholesome philosophy.

    In addition, our design is environmentally conscious, with responsibly sourced and minimalistic packaging which communicates the importance of caring for Mother Nature.

    Can you products help someone on their wellness journey?

    Absolutely! ANITAKO Organics products can certainly help those on their wellness journey. The purity and wholeness of our organic ingredients will be the perfect match for anyone searching for the paramount component to their skincare routine. Our formula will promote the overall health and wellbeing of skin, which is yours to try in your Loti Wellness Box.

    Finally, where can our subscribers find you?

    Loti Wellness subscribers can find our products on the online store at www.anitakoorganics.etsy.com, at retailers throughout Canada, US, and Asia (https://anitakoorganics.com/stockists), and of course, in your Loti Wellness Box.


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