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    Founder Feature: Caylen Baker, Founder of Canvas Candle Co.

    Founder Feature: Caylen Baker, Founder of Canvas Candle Co.

    Do you know that cozy and happy feeling you get when you light a new candle and immediately get a whiff of a calming aroma? That’s exactly what happens when you light one of Canvas Candle Co.’s incredible Soy Candles.


    If you’re subscribed to Loti, you know that one of their most popular candles, the Sister, Sister candle, was included in our Stress Buster box. Today, we’re so happy to have the company’s Founder Caylen Baker join us to tell us a little bit about her incredible products, as well as her personal wellness and self-care journey.


    Can you tell us a bit about yourself, and the inspiration behind Canvas Candle Co.

    At Canvas Candle, we want all of our customers to feel comfortable bringing in non-toxic products into their homes and gifting them to their friends and family. So, instead of designing regular candles, we focused our efforts on creating luxury, design-focused candles that are 100% soy, and made with phthalate-free fragrance oils, as well as pure essential oils, natural cotton wicks, and reusable vessels.

    “It’s very important to us that all of our candles are design-focused so that you feel that it’s something you want to have in your space”


    How has running your own business impacted your own wellness and mental health?

    I started this company back in 2016, while I was working full-time. Because I was working full-time and running this business as a side hustle, I did burn out pretty badly.


    So, in order to avoid that from happening again, I created a personalized morning routine that I stick to every single day. First, I make sure that I have a glass of water every morning, and I never skip breakfast. Then I make it a point to do a mindfulness practice every single morning, where I just check in with myself, and see how I’m feeling and what I might need for the day.

    “I’ve really learned to listen to my body. It’s probably been the number one thing that has gotten me through some really tough times in the last year.”

    Canvas Candle Co.

    What is one quote that you live by?

    A quote that I live by, and something that has always helped me keep pushing through, is believing that everything happens for a reason. Every single person goes through really hard times in some shape or form. But, although we may not know the reason, it does help us build strength for whatever is coming next.

    Where can we find you?

    Our products are available online at www.canvascandleco.com. We sell our products across Canada, and you can find them in a location next to you on our website here: https://www.canvascandleco.com/apps/store-locator/

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