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    Founder Feature: Lisa Walsh, Founder of Indigena Skincare

    Founder Feature: Lisa Walsh, Founder of Indigena Skincare

    Meet Lisa Walsh, founder of Indigena Skincare – one of many wonderful brands found in this month’s subscription box. Find out how Lisa developed her brand, and how her products can help support your current wellness routine.

    Indigena skincare

    Can you tell us a little bit about what makes Indigena Skincare unique?

    Indigena is healing beauty powered by nature. Unlike many other skincare brands, Indigena was inspired and brought to life by the magic of the Newfoundland landscape.

    All of our products are a blend of pure ingredients distilled from sea botanicals and indigenous northern boreal extracts. We work in harmony with the seasons to craft pure, safe, and effective products here on the island that care for your skin and the environment. Our formulations balance scientific innovation with the natural power of our unique, resilient island landscape.

    What inspired you to start the brand?

    It was the magic of our landscape, and my own personal healing journey that inspired the birth of Indigena. I am personally powered by helping people look and feel their absolute best, and that’s what led me to create my brand; it is the conduit for me helping women live their naturally inspired best lives. 


    As a little girl growing up In Newfoundland, I was always amazed at how plants, berries, and fruits could grow so quickly in a very short summer season. They tasted so good; I would go with my family to hand pick these beautiful gifts from nature. We would end up spending the day on the barrens, have a boil up, and enjoy the outdoors. It was the perfect place to grow up.


    Then as a teenager I developed acne, and my mother treated my skin with a nutrition plan that consisted of whole foods sourced purely from the land and sea. Believe it or not, it cleared up my skin within a couple of months.

    “I knew then and there that these indigenous ingredients were pure magic.”


    How does the geographical landscape in Newfoundland inspire your products?


    The island of Newfoundland is a geographic anomaly. This is because it exists below the 49th parallel and is on the same latitude as Paris. The landscape endures a harsh, ever-changing North Atlantic climate, and what this has done is it has allowed rare antioxidant plants to grow and adapt for survival over millions of years. Now, they flourish on this land creating some of the most powerful plant actives that we mindfully forage by hand. Using apoptogenic plants allows us to create resilient skincare. 

    “We capture nature’s essence to offer your skin the same strength, balance, and protection that these plants have developed for themselves over millennia.”

    One of your core values is to create happiness for the skin – Can you tell us a little bit about what that means, and how it’s incorporated into your products?

    At Indigena, we believe in creating happiness for the skin you live in through healing beauty inside and out.

    “We are passionate about creating products that truly make a difference to people’s lives. This is why we choose to embrace botanical adaptogenic skincare, allowing nature’s strength to restore your skin’s balance.”

    Every Indigena product is packed full of adaptogenic potent botanicals. They are rich in antioxidants and deliver plenty of nutrients to the skin. We blend waterless formulations that replace the typical “aqua” with skin soothing and nourishing botanical waters. Our products work in harmony to fight free radical damage and are scientifically proven to deliver glowing, clearer, and healthier skin for all.

    If you had one wellness tip or piece of advice for our community, what would it be?

    The one thing that has helped me, especially through this pandemic, is talking positively to myself and only allowing myself to manifest positivity – and that’s not always easy! It takes a lot of conscious effort but is extremely powerful because it allows me to keep everything in balance.

    “What you say to yourself shapes your future, so be as kind to yourself as you are to your loved one and others. This is so hard for women…we are natural caretakers. But when you care for yourself as much as you do others you have so much more to give.”

    Do you have any tips for our subscribers on how to incorporate Indigena Blueberry Bliss Sugar Scrub into their skincare routine?

    Blueberry Bliss Scrub

    Blueberry Bliss has been our brands hero product since 2012. I wanted to formulate a solid scrub that didn’t spill. As a previous esthetic instructor and spa owner I wanted a product that was gentle, effective and instantly revived dull, dry, and dehydrated skin, as well as one that did not aggravate oily combination skin. Enter Blueberry Bliss!


    This is a face to body product that you can use as a lip exfoliant, facial exfoliant, or body polish. It is concentrated, so you only need a dime size amount for lips, quarter size for face, and if you are using it as a body treatment, about 1 tablespoon should do the trick.


    It is also a physical exfoliant, so keep in mind that it needs friction to work. I recommend scooping the product into wet hands and applying it to your skin in a circular motion. Then keep massaging in until the sugar dissolves. Of course, if you have any questions, you can always email us at hellobeauti[email protected].

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