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    Founder of LASPA, Susan mey

    Founder of LASPA, Susan mey

    The Loti Wellness August Box – themed Savour – featured a lovely gentle cleanser by LASPA, a small Canadian business that delivers unique mineral sunscreens and skin care products. Today, founder of LASPA Susan Mey tells us a little bit about what makes their products unique, and how your wellness routine can benefit from LASPA.

    And if you enjoyed your LASPA facial cleanser, or would like to try any of their other products, visit their website today at www.laspanaturals.com and use code LOTI20OFF for 20% off your purchase (valid until September 20th).

    Susan Mey

    What inspired you to start LASPA, and what makes your brand and products unique?

    LASPA was inspired by my daughter Alison. Alison had many allergies and skin sensitives, and so I began to grow frustrated with the lack of clean skincare products available that work for her. Everything I tried either caused her to breakout or made her skin red and swollen.


    And, of all the products I tried to find, sunscreen was probably the most challenging. As she got older, she didn’t want to wear sunscreen that made her look like a ghost (and I didn’t blame her!). I soon began to realize that there were many “Alison’s” out there suffering from the same issue. In fact, it turned out to be more than 35% of the population! 


    So, in 2016, I launched LASPA and focused on developing mineral-based sunscreens that were safe for the skin, and safe for the environment. From there, I expanded towards other skincare products tailored for all of the Alison’s out there.


    Our LASPA products are truly unique because they are ONLY made with naturally derived, certified organic, and Ecocert certified ingredients. There are very few brands in the market that can say this, especially in the sunscreen category!

    Can you tell us a little bit about mineral based sunscreens, and how these are different from other sunscreens?

    Many sunscreen brands are starting to move away from chemical sun filters as a result of the ongoing investigation by the FDA. However, while mineral actives like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are becoming more prevalent in sunscreens, you can still find artificial preservatives, fragrances, colours and petrochemical derived ingredients that are known allergens and pose longer term health risks. 


    We pride ourselves on creating clean products from one ingredient to the next…none of our products will contain artificial colours, fragrances, preservatives, or petrochemical derivatives, and are fragrance-free, cruelty-free, reef safe, and biodegradable.

    LASPA Mineral Sunscreen

    What are the biggest ingredients our subscribers should avoid when it comes to shopping for sunscreen & SPF products?

    The sunscreen ingredients to avoid are anything other than zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, but in particular try to stay away from oxybenzone and Octinoxate, which are known endocrine disruptors.  In addition, stay away from any products with ingredients such as PEG with various numbers (PEG-13), of colours that have numbers attached to them.  These are ingredients of concern that may have toxins as a result of being derived from petrochemical base.

    What is one quote or saying that you live by?

    Don’t take your health for granted.  The time to take care of yourself is before you find out you have a health issue.

    Finally, where can our subscribers find you?

    On IG, we are on @laspanaturals, and on our website at www.laspanaturals.com

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