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    Founder of Mangata Apothecary

    Founder of Mangata Apothecary

    Mangata Apothecary

    Looking for home-made-remedies for self-care and wellness? Founder of Mangata Apothecary Stefanie Henderlin joins us today to tell us what inspired her to start her brand, and how she utilizes herbal home-made solutions to help enhance her own self-care routine.


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    What inspired you to launch Mangata Apothecary?

    Mangata Apothecary is a grassroots business that started in 2017 and went through a rebrand in 2021. It was started by midwife-turned-SAHM Stefanie and has grown from a few remedies for clients to multiple products that address a variety of issues ranging from insomnia to scars to post-workout recovery. The majority of products are CertClean certified and a portion of each purchase goes towards Cedar’s network, a healthcare non-profit run by a midwife friend overseas.

    Our focus is herbalism, our passion is home-made-remedies, our goal is world education! We seek to not only provide a cruelty-free, Canadian-made skincare brand, but we also want to bring botanicals back to the forefront of people’s minds and create awareness of the healing power of herbs!

    What are your thoughts about practicing self-care from home?

    As a mom of soon to be 3, getting out for self-care is not always an option. When we renovated our home we splurged on our en-suite bathroom and tub so that I could escape to my bubble bath, wine, chocolate, and luxury body care products. Adding a Netflix show or podcast to my evening routine has become a much-loved part of the day and has great benefits for my mental health!

    How can your products can help others practice wellness and self-care from home?

    Mangata products are herb-based, meaning they do not just smell or feel good, but the ingredients have been well researched to have calming and soothing effects!

    Our products are meant to address different issues and help the mind and body relax and rejuvenate. Each of our products are made from scratch with a lot of love. Some of the areas they address, both physical and mental, include insomnia, exhaustion, nervousness, irritated skin, and blues.

    What’s one thing you do every morning to start your day that has really amplified your wellness routine?

    Sit down with my cup of coffee and just be. If the kids wake up early I let them watch a few mins of Paw Patrol so I can just sit, breathe, and get my mind into a good place- ready to take on the day!

    What makes your handcrafted products different than everything else out there?

    My background is midwifery and I first made many of these products for clients. As I became a mom and put midwifery behind me- I began to make everything for my family. Each product comes from time spent researching the best herbs available to use and then they were “tested” on friends and family until I was confident in their effectiveness. I still make everything myself in my workshop and love the process.

    Finally, where can our subscribers find you?

    You can find us in a few Ontario stores; Forest and Harbour (Grimsby), the Handmade House (Dundas), Hunt & Gather Floral (Toronto), as well as Raeven Apothecary (Lumsden AB), Urban Whyte (Devon AB), the Handmade Shoppes (Kelown & Salmon Arm BC), True Art (Kelowna), and BIPOC (Langley BC).

    If you are looking to order online our website is http://www.mangataapothecary.ca

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