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    Founder of May you know joy, Adrienne Enns

    Founder of May you know joy, Adrienne Enns

    Meet Adrienne Enns, founder of May You Know Joy – a brand that has brought inspiration to many through its incredible selection of wellness cards!


    Take a look as Adrienne tells us a little bit more about how her products can inspire and enhance wellness in your day-to-day lives.  

    Adrienne Enns

    Can you tell us a little bit about “May You Know Joy”, and what inspired you to start your brand?

    At May You Know Joy, we are on a mission to inspire people’s daily intentional living and help them cultivate greater joy.  We believe that it’s simple and consistent daily practices that make a profound and sustainable difference


    We have our very popular line of card products which include the May You Know Joy card set, Seeds of Intention Cards (found in your Loti Wellness box), May You Find Joy, May You Know Gratitude and May You Know Joy in Recovery.


    I also host a podcast called The Intention Sessions where I interview a wide cross-section of people who’ve had remarkable journeys and lead intentional lives.  This podcast is designed to illustrate that there’s not “one” “right” way to live intentionally yet, many universal truths consistently come up.


    I have written a book, Intentional Days, which explores what it means to be intentional, why we should bother and offers simple daily practices to get started.


    We also have a May You Know Joy subscription membership where members can take a deeper dive into their practices and enjoy a thriving community, monthly masterclasses, and great resources


    Finally, I regularly speak and host workshops about intentional living, cultivating joy, and mental health.

    How do you develop your card decks & the themes behind those cards? How can these cards help individuals on their wellness journey?

    My first card deck was developed through my own journey of recovery and a commitment to explore many facets of my life to know and find real joy. I journaled for years and ultimately, the card themes emerged. That is the May You Know Joy card set.


    Since that deck launched, I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to thousands of people so, I listen to what they’re going through and enjoy exploring where we all need greater inspiration. This is how the other decks emerged.


    For example, I’d often heard that people find it hard to connect to and feel joy. When COVID hit and we were all quarantined, I had to wonder if joy would be even more elusive and I asked myself, how can we all find simple joys in our everyday lives?  The result was the May You Find Joy card deck.


    I believe that card decks can be a powerful tool of inspiration and transformation for several reasons.  First, they offer a simple and beautiful infusion of energy. It’s easy to pull a card and set an intention – even if life is busy. Second, the cards can inspire us to look at the world differently and break us out of our patterns. Finally, I love them because they are accessible anytime anywhere and they can serve as a visual reminder of our intention for the day.

    Seeds of intention cards

    Can you talk a little bit about intentional living, and how this concept has helped you in your wellness journey?

    To me, intentional living means we choose how we want to show up in the world and then, take mindful action in alignment with those intentions.


    I learned to live intentionally through my recovery from addiction (perhaps best summed up in this video:  Overcoming Addiction).  I had been living my life on autopilot and numbing out stress and every uncomfortable feeling with alcohol.  As I took my life back, I realized how much energy I’d put into my own self-destruction and wondered what I could do if I used that energy for good?  And, if I was going to all of this trouble to turn my life around, I wanted to create a life that really felt fulfilling to me.


    Daily intention setting has been (and continues to be) integral in my life. I have come to discover that our practices don’t need to be complicated to be effective. Simple, kind, and consistent practices make all the difference.  Today, I am 9+ years sober and never could have imagined life could be so much different.

    What does your typical day look like?

    I have 2!

    “Forever is made of nows” Emily Dickinson

    “Life is rigged in your favour” Rumi

    If you had one piece of advice to leave our subscribers with, what would it be?

    Our simple daily practices can make a significant difference in our lives and how we feel about ourselves.  The key is you have to do it!  Joy is accessible to all of us but, we need to allow room for it and invite it in. All of the good stuff in life is meant for today.  Don’t wait to start enjoying and building a life that brings you a lot of joy.

    Finally, where can our subscribers find you?

    You can find us on our website at www.mayyouknowjoy.com, and on our socials:

    IG:                   @mayyouknowjoy

    Pinterest:      @mayyouknowjoy

    Twitter:         @mayyouknowjoy

    FB:                  May You Know Joy

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