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    Founder of scentuals, Mai Mowrey

    Founder of scentuals, Mai Mowrey

    If you’re a long-term subscriber of Loti, you may recall seeing several Scentuals and Jubel products in your Loti box! Scentuals and Jubel are both two sister companies, founded by visionary and Canadian entrepreneur Mai Mowrey, and her son Dustin Mowrey, the founder of Jubel. After discovering how much toxins are found in almost all skincare and beauty products, Mai decided to launch her own brand that can introduce a line of quality, natural products that are accessible and affordable for everyone.


    Take a look as Mai tells us a little bit more about Scentuals, and the benefits of the products they develop.

    Mai Mowrey

    Can you tell us a little bit about Scentuals and how it all started?

    When my brother was diagnosed with cancer, I became mindful of ingredients found in the personal care products myself and my family used. After discovering how common it is for products to be formulated with toxic chemicals and their harmful effects on our health I tried searching for better options. My findings were disappointing, with limited options at a high price point. I was dedicated to change this and make quality natural products an accessible option for everyone.


    Soon after, I began developing personal care products like bar soap and lotion with a team of chemists, and friends and family to test them out. It took some time to really perfect the formulations before officially launching Scentuals in 2005. Ever since, we have continued to create safe natural products with a ‘from our family to yours’ approach.

    When it comes to finding natural products and natural ingredients, what advice would you give to our community?

    Products can claim to be ‘natural’ even if only a small percentage of ingredients are from natural origin and may still be laden with harmful chemicals. Remember, what goes on in your body is just as important as what goes in your body as your skin can absorb the toxins directly into your bloodstream. Regular use of these everyday products means we are exposing ourselves to these toxins repeatedly and over time this can cause a slew of minor and major health problems.


    Check the back and become familiar with sneaky ingredients like petroleum, parabens, sulfates, dyes, SLS, silicone, and DEA that may still be found in ‘natural’ products. Scentuals products are 100% natural and free from all these culprits.

    Finding the right skincare or self-care routine can become overwhelming for some people, especially when they have such a large variety of products to choose from. What advice would you give them in terms of finding the right products for their skin, and for their overall self-care routine?

    Simple is often best. While a 10-step skincare routine may work for some, it can often be too much for your skin to fully reap the benefits of each individual product.

    Choose key products to suit your specific concerns and use them consistently for 4-6 weeks to see true results. If you love trying new products, try switching out one product at a time with another every few months or seasonally as the weather will affect your skins needs.

    Also, when adding a new product into your routine try a patch test first. This is an easy way to determine if your skin has an adverse reaction to the product.

    Finally, where can our customers find you?

    You can shop our product lines online on Scentuals and Well.ca, or in-store at select Superstore, Save-On-Foods, London Drugs, Pharmasave, CosmoProf, and other retailers! You can find our store locator map here.

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