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    Founder of Simmer and Co

    Founder of Simmer and Co

    Your sense of smell is very powerful and can evoke many emotions. That’s why many people use smell in meditation sessions and relaxation techniques. Today, founder of Canadian startup Simmer and Co – Danielle Doeler-Hoytos – joins us to discuss how scent can be used to enhance your wellness routine, and how their products can be used at home.

    Founder of simmer & co

    What inspired you to start Simmer and Co?

    For Christmas 2020, I wanted to hand-make a gift for friends and family. I found a recipe for stovetop potpourri and was so intrigued. Being someone who is very sensitive to artificial fragrances, I found a way to make my entire home smell amazing, naturally! So I couldn’t wait to share these gifts.

    They were a big hit, and so that inspired me to explore other botanicals and create more options to simmer. I was so excited to share these mixes with people and when I started selling them, I was blown away by the support and excitement from everyone. It quickly grew and I now get to share these amazing simmer mixes all over North America!

    Can you explain what a Simmer mix is, and how it differs from traditional diffusers?

    A simmer mix is a collection of dried botanicals that you mix with water and simmer. You do this either on your stovetop or in a crockpot. The unique thing about a simmer mix is that you get to see exactly what you are simmering – the dry ingredients – and know you are only using natural products. The best part is that you can reuse the simmer mix a handful of times, and when the scent is finished, you can compost the mix.

    What does your typical wellness routine look like?

    My wellness routine has changed so much over the years. 5 years ago I would have said going for a long run with my dog and listening to music. But, while I still would love that to be my wellness routine, becoming a mother has offered new ways to practice self-care. Now nothing beats watching a movie, cuddled on the couch with my daughters, husband, and dog, eating popcorn and laughing.

    How do you integrate your products into your personal self-care and wellness routine? Does it make an impact, and if so, how?

    One of my favorite times to simmer is after I’ve cleaned my home. Knowing everything is tidy and then enjoying the amazing aromas really sets a mood. Depending on what’s simmering, it can bring back different memories and invoke different emotions. Simmering Be Spiced for example, reminds me of holiday dinners with my entire family- cozy, loud, great food and warmth.

    Finally, where can our subscribers find you?

    You can shop all our simmer mixes and medleys online at simmerandco.ca. And if you’re interested, you can use code LOVELOTI20 for 20% with a min. order of $30! Enjoy the simmer! 

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