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    Founders of arise n’ go, Sucheta Khurana & Gurveer Bahia

    Founders of arise n’ go, Sucheta Khurana & Gurveer Bahia

    Snacking has developed such a bad reputation, but it’s not snacking that’s the problem. According to founders of Arise N’ Go, it’s the snacks that are normally the issue, and mindful snacking can actually help give you nutrients and energy to help productivity and happiness throughout the day.


    Read more as founders of Arise N’ Go Sucheta Khurana & Gurveer Bahia mindful snacking, and how you can integrate this into your wellness routine!

    Sucheta Khurana & Gurveer Bahia

    What inspired you to start Arise N’ Go?

    In 2020, we started Arise N’ Go from our apartment kitchen after asking ourselves why snacks around us are so processed? Why do snack companies choose to use ingredients that are not so good for us? Four years of studying Kinesiology cultivated us to look at life as a glass half full and understand that there is always room to improve and do better.


    Not only do we live by this message, but we also wanted to spread it to others. This idea slowly budded into ARISE N’ GO, a healthy snack that allows people to do better when it comes to snacking. As students, we always felt that the markets lacked healthier alternatives to snacking. We always put our diet last, even though we knew that shouldn’t be the case.


    Now, we make a feel-good alternative with a superfood ingredient – popped water lily seeds! With Arise N’ Go, we hope to discourage the stigma around “snacking” and promote mindful snacking.

    People sometimes think that ‘snacking’ is a bad thing – especially if they’re trying to lose weight, get in shape, etc… What are your thoughts on this?

    We believe that snacking is NOT the problem, it is the snacks that are. We all understand the importance of opting for healthier alternatives. Yet the convenience and taste of processed snacks still lure us in, especially when we are on the go.


    Healthy snacking can have many benefits like diversifying our nutrient intake and sustaining energy levels throughout the day to improve our overall wellbeing.

    Arise N' Go

    What does your typical wellness routine look like?

    A typical wellness routine means unplugging from our workstations and devices and consciously choosing to take care of ourselves. We enjoy working out, cooking a healthy meal, and practicing our skincare routine.


    These activities feel grounding and allow us to relax after a long day.

    If you had one piece of advice to give to our followers, what would it be?

    “Get out of your own way and just take the leap”

    We often let ourselves stay stuck where we are comfortable due to other’s opinions, and our own negative self-talk. It’s very easy to over-analyze everything and hold yourself back from taking action towards your goals.


    As Kinesiology students with no business background, we were also very hesitant to dive into business, because we felt like we weren’t qualified enough. However, we took the leap by attending a few free drop-in business workshops which allowed us to get our foot in the door and eventually launch our business.

    Finally, where can our subscribers find you?

    If you’d like to learn more about Arise N’ Go, feel free to visit the website: www.ariseonthego.ca or reach out to us on Instagram @ariseonthego!

    You can also find us in the Balance Loti Box, and hopefully, future Loti boxes as well.


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