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    Founders of Taurah: Jessica & Rhaelyn

    Founders of Taurah: Jessica & Rhaelyn

    Meet Jessica and Rhaelyn, founders of Taurah – a natural wellness brand that delivers products anyone can use in their daily wellness routine. From calming mists to all natural sunscreens, we absolutely adore this brand and had to feature them in our loti box, as well as help tell their story!

    Read more about how these 2 co-founders started their brand, and how you can incorporate their products into your wellness routine.


    Can you tell us a little bit about Taurah, and what inspired you to launch the brand?

    Our story started by solving an unrealized problem that we actually had in our own lives. As everyone knows, we all shifted to working from home, working out from home, and being in lockdown as of March 2020. We were both suddenly working remote full-time and trying to prioritize our self-care, exercise, and movement routines. It was a simple question really! One day, while catching up between two friends and colleagues, Rhaelyn asked Jessica, “What do you clean your yoga mat with?” 

    Neither of us realized the amount of dirt and bacteria on our yoga mats, but when we thought about it a bit more we considered the times we’ve gone from wearing our gym shoes on our mats, to child’s poses and stretching post-workout. From here, we began our journey of researching how to clean our yoga mats at home, and nothing on the market was sufficient for us personally, as we typically use natural products whenever possible.

    In our research, believe it or not, we learned that our yoga mats have up to 100,000 bacteria per cubic centimeter and this multiplies every single day it goes uncleaned. We experimented, tried, and tested our own all-natural formulas until we finally found the perfect one. Our Yoga Mat Cleanser is 100% natural and vegan, with premium ingredients like Organic Witch Hazel and a blend of citrus essential oils with antibacterial properties. This was our first product and the beginning of Taurah.


    Since then, we’ve had clean yoga mats, but have also been wondering about other unrealized problems we could solve. Next came our Face Mask Mist to create a natural hydrating and toning barrier between the fabric of your face mask and your skin. Personally, our skin was getting irritated from the new normal of face masks, and we learned that some face masks even contain harmful chemicals like bleach! The mist was a massive success and we still sell it now.

    Taurah has been a creative outlet for us to develop products that we wish existed like our Lavender Calming Mist, which is our go-to pillow spray and we’re so excited to have offered this in the Loti Wellness Box this month! Our customers have been asking us for more ways to enjoy “Calming”, so we also included out Calming Roller which is already sold out!

    We have a few more great products that we offer in a “Resort Set”, which includes our Cucumber Cooling Mist soothing sunburns and refreshing us on hot days and hard workouts, and our amazing Zinc Sunscreen Stick with a convenient way to apply and reapply your SPF all day long.

    Basically, we love celebrating your choice of movement and active wellness routine and know firsthand that this can look different for everybody. We create products that actually make you feel good and are easy to incorporate into your everyday rituals!

    What are your thoughts about practicing self-care from home, and can you tell us a little bit about how your products can help others practice wellness and self-care from home?

    Taurah is made up of products that we reach for every single day. When we say wellness looks different for everybody, we also want to stress that every day looks different as well. No two days are the same and it’s important we establish rituals in our days to bring us to the present moment.


    We thrive on routine and having wellness essentials like our Yoga Mat Cleanser to remind you to clean our space or the Lavender Calming Mist to spray our pillow before bed immediately puts us into the present moment. Our other products like the Face Mask Mist, and Cooling Body Mist are very soothing for your skin and truly make us feel good!


    What does the name Taurah mean?

    We love this question! Funny enough, our two-woman team is made up of a Taurus and a Libra. We’re pretty dedicated to our horoscopes, so with all things considered we thought this was the perfect name.

    What’s one wellness tip that you can give our readers?

    When it comes to health and wellness we know that wellness looks different for everyone. Some days it may be a long walk, other days it may be a yoga class or a HIIT workout and some days maybe it’s just a call to a friend – whatever it is that makes YOU feel good mentally and physically, that’s what wellness is all about. When it comes to Taurah, this is what we preach. We intentionally create products that make you feel good using only natural, premium ingredients that are good for our skin and for the environment.

    Finally, where can we find Taurah products?

    We primarily sell through our website, but also have an amazing list of retailers across Canada and online, which you can find on shoptaurah.com! Stay in touch with us on IG @shoptaurah– if you DM us it’s always one of us responding and we’d love to hear from you!


    We also have a partnership with Loti and you can use code LW15 and get 15% off anything on our site!


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