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    Envol, an app that is sure to quickly become a necessity for you on your wellness journey, offers high qualitative healing tools created from the best relaxation techniques known in the world. You will find exceptional guided meditations, empowering visualization music, 3D sound journeys, lists of positive affirmations and a breathing module to switch off stress and improve wellness. Meet the co-founder behind the brand: Julie.

    What inspired you to launch Envol?

    Like with many brands that make a real impact, Envol was created from a personal story. I (Julie) spent 4 years in a wheelchair, battling a chronic illness, not knowing what was wrong with me. After many unsuccessful medical treatments, I decided to give my body the best chance at healing from within by implementing a ‘’recharge’’ routine. I would feed my body with healthy food, anti-inflammatory ions from the Earth (grounding), sunlight and lots of love and gratitude. Next to that, I also tried to find a balance between activity and rest – making sure that I was avoiding stress as much as possible to give my body time to properly recharge and heal. 

    This routine gave life to a score tracking with a special algorithm that was never pushing me above my limits – but rather, gently encouraging me to create the best environment in which I would awaken my own healing power.

    And so, Envol was born – an empowering tool for a healthier, happier version of ourselves! 

    Why do you think it’s important to practice self-care, even from home, and what are some ways that you do it? 

    What I’ve noticed over the years is that people tend to forget that there is a lot they can do to improve their health and well-being. We are often told to look for external solutions – let it be in the form of supplements, gadgets, creams, what have you – to make us better. But the truth is, that we are already whole. We are already powerful. Everything we are looking for is already inside of us. And It’s Envol’s mission to remind you of that and to help you awaken that power.

    Self-care is the 21st century antidote to our modern way of living, and it’s no wonder that there’s been a strong trend going in that direction over the last few years. People need self-care because they need to feel better. Because they’ve forgotten about themselves in the whole process of pleasing others, working a full-time job, being a good mom, battling a few health complaints…in a nutshell: trying to do it all. It’s crucial to dedicate some time during the day to just be – and self-care is a great way to do that. Taking a bath, lighting some candles, playing some healing music from Envol’s toolbox with headphones on, meditating, stretching, deep belly breathing, gazing at the stars, having a good conversation with a friend… the list goes on. And it feels so good! What’s more: we can do it from home! 

    What’s one thing you do every morning that’s really made a difference in your self-care routine?

    I used to wake up and check my phone right away, while still lying in bed – I’m sure a lot can relate! But I quickly noticed how groggy and on edge this made me feel. So instead, I changed my morning routine to something very simple: as soon as I wake up, I pour warm water on an herbal infusion, I put on my shoes, and I step outside. Even if it’s for 1 min on busy days, this outside walk, sipping on my tea and letting the morning sun rays caress my cheeks feel like such a treat. Like a little comforting bubble in which time seems to slow down for a minute. Where I can just breathe and take a moment for myself. Then, I resume my daily activities, and only then can I check my phone. And I feel much more balanced, energized, and happier. 

    Why is Envol different from any other wellness apps?

    Envol is a holistic tool. It helps you improve not only your mental health, but also your physical and emotional health. The recharge score guides you towards a healthier, happier, more fulfilled life by giving you the tools you need. All these tools are easily accessible and have been proven effective by science – and I personally used them to heal from a chronic illness. Our mission is to empower people to believe again that the power to change their life is in their hands!

    Can Envol help someone on their wellness journey?

    Undoubtedly yes! Envol’s toolbox offers amazing tools to unwind and relax. You have guided meditations, 3D sound journeys (with nature sounds, relaxing music and binaural beats), visualization music, Solfeggio frequencies (a brand new audio category) breathing exercises, etc. These tools are incredible for someone on their wellness journey. But it’s also important to know that wellbeing is not only linked to mental health but also to physical health. And that’s when the recharge score comes into play: users can track how they take care of their overall health and get personalized tips on how to improve it.

    Finally, where can our subscribers find you?

    You can access the Envol app by downloading it on the App Store/Google Play. To unlock your 3-month free access to Envol premium you need to create a free account, then go to Settings, and then Subscription. Scroll down until you see ‘Redeem code’ and enter your gift code written on the card you received in your August Loti Wellness box. And voila! Enjoy 3 months of Premium access to Envol!

    And feel free to follow us on Instagram at @envol.app to receive inspiring content every day 😊 We believe in you! 


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