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    Omash, a Canadian female-owned business that was born from a passionate hobby, is a must-have for any curly girl. Omash means ‘fabric’ in Arabic and each piece is thoughtfully used to reduce waste. Their collections are custom made so that no two pieces are the same, and so that you’ll have the exclusive! Omash created a custom headband for our Loti subscribers, and we’re excited to introduce you to its founder: Lydia!

    What inspired you to launch your brand? 

    I had always dreamt of owning some sort of small business. During the lockdown I started exploring different hobbies I could learn and I was a gifted a sewing maching, there was no better time to learn. Being able to create things with my hands gave me a deep sense of joy and I decided to launch Omash – a hair accessory brand with the curly girl in mind. 

    Why do you think it’s important to practice self-care, even from home, and what are some ways that you do it?

    Self care is something you owe to yourself, just like nutrition and physical activity are important to your well-being so is self-care. Caring for your physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health is so important and it’s different for everyone. For me, I feel recharged when I disconnet from my phone and go for long walks or a hike. Being in nature is so rejuvenating for me and I take every opportunity I can to be outdoors. 

    What’s one thing you do every morning that’s really made a difference in your self-care routine?

    Making my bed! It may sound silly or trivial, but for me it signals the start of a fresh day and puts me in a productivity mindset. 

    Why is your product different from anything else on the market for wellness goods?

    Our products are designed with the curly girl in mind, and with that we promote the beauty of natural hair. I, myself have curly hair and if anyone can relate, you know that curly hair was never seen as professional or desired. Things have changed now with the curly girl movement and people embracing their curls. At Omash, we’re showing off those curls and most of our accessories are made from satin or silk to protect hair from frizz and damage, all while looking stylish. 

    Can your products help someone on their wellness journey?

    I hope so! Whether it’s grabbing our scrunchie to go on your run, or our headband when you’re on the go, or our satin pillowcase to help you get some much needed zzz’s. 

    Finally, where can our subscribers find you?

    Follow us on our socials, we’re on Instagram and Facebook @omash.ca or visit our website at www.omash.ca – your LOTI code gets you 15% off your purchase! 


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