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    Re-defining Your Self-Care Routine

    Re-defining Your Self-Care Routine

    Self-care Journal
    Self-care Journal

    Have you ever been told that to practice self-care, all you have to do is simply take time out of your day to focus on yourself and be alone? Whether it’s taking a hot bath, eating right, or going on vacation, it’s time away from day-to-day stresses, so it has to work, right? Wrong.

    Although taking time for yourself is essential, it only brushes the surface of what self-care really is. That’s why sometimes even after a nice long spa day, you wake up the next day still feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and possibly even unhappy. To practice self-care correctly, you need to combine “me-time” with the ability to dig deeper, look inside, and unravel why it is you feel overwhelmed or unhappy in the first place. Let’s explore this idea a little further.

    Redefining Self-Care

    Self-care isn’t always pretty. I’m sure you weren’t expecting that as an opening, but we have this idea in our minds that the definition of self-care is regular spa days and walks along the beach. In reality a large part of self-care is self-discovery and having the courage and ability to look within to become self-aware. And although this can be done during a bubble bath or morning tea, it requires consistency, openness, trust, time, patience, and quiet. The challenge with relying solely on baths and tea for self-care is that typically when we do these activities, we’re also doing other tasks (aka multi-tasking). This inadvertently takes away the “me” from “me-time”.


    So, What Can You Do?

    By all means, continue the baths, lunch dates, and spa weekends – they’re important! But also start to incorporate inner self-care practices into your routine. When you do this, you are able to recharge your mind, body, and soul, and you stay in power and control of yourself; when you’re fully yourself you make decisions based on what’s best for you. You also stay present, and you say no to anything that goes against your values, beliefs and inner truth.

    “Self-care isn’t selfish. It’s how you keep your power, live an empowered life and make the most of every moment.”

    Incorporating Inner Self-Care - My Top 10 Tips:

    These are my favorite self-care ideas that can help you reconnect with yourself and your surroundings. They encourage you to thrive, and not just survive. 

    1. Reflect in your journal*
    2. Guided meditation
    3. Silent meditation
    4. Write 5 things in your journal each morning that you’re grateful for
    5. Sit or stand outside with your bare feet on the earth for grounding
    6. Nature walk taking in all of the sounds, animals, and beauty
    7. Write your future or younger self a letter
    8. Detox bath
    9. Rest, nap, full nights sleep
    10. Yoga or your favourite way to move your body

    *For prompted journals and free worksheets please visit www.robynliechti.com

    Who Should Practice Self-Care?


    There’s a lot of talk about moms needing self-care, which is true. However, it’s something everyone can benefit from and should practice regularly (men, women, parents, teachers, essential workers, teenagers, and even children.) And although self-care won’t necessarily eliminate life’s obstacles, it better equips you to face them with self-awareness, confidence, positivity, and clarity.

    Benefits of Practicing Self-Care

    If you can make the personal commitment to ensure your inner wellbeing is a priority, you will reap the extraordinary benefits of practicing self-care. Some of my favourite benefits of practicing self-care are:

    1. Helps prevent and manage stress
    2. Increases positivity and self-awareness
    3. Promotes self-discovery
    4. Enhances your relationship with yourself and others
    5. Boosts your immune system
    6. Improves your mental and physical health


    I hope I’ve inspired you to re-evaluate and create a self-care routine that works well for you. You deserve to feel and do your best, and that happens when you are connected with your true self on the inside. When you are connected with yourself you will be able to live life empowered, confidently and peacefully.


    Please don’t wait until you are overwhelmed or stressed to the max to practice self-care, start today with even a few minutes each day. You deserve to make yourself a priority! And if you need help getting started, the Loti box actually delivers all the tools you need to care for your mind, your body, and your soul.



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