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    Self-care box Reveal: Balance

    Self-care box Reveal: Balance

    Fall Subscription Box
    Fall Subscription Box

    Our September Box – Balance – was themed around finding Balance and Routine as we move away from summer and into fall. As things get busier in the fall and winter seasons, it can become a little difficult to find balance and deal with challenges that come our way. Establishing a proper routine can help overcome that! 

    So, here’s a quick look at all of the wonderful goodies found in our box that can help you restructure your wellness routine this fall 🍂


    Maskeraide Beauty

    Maskeraide Beauty Restore sheet mask




    Up your beauty sleep game with this hydrating sheet mask that goes to work for you, resulting in silky, smooth, and supple skin.

    • Restores your skin’s health, naturally

    • Deeply moisturizes skin

    • Uses lavender oil to relax the skin and senses

    • Helps to minimize the appearance of skin imperfections

    Ginger & Honey

    Ginger & Honey Coffee Face scrub 2oz



    Just what you need to wake up, exfoliate and GO! This Coffee Face Scrub is filled with RICH Colombian Coffee, Raw Sugar, and Jojoba Oil which makes your skin feel smooth and tight after use.


    Use in the morning prior to applying your daily moisturizer and SPF. Scrub gently over your face and neck and rinse.


    Druide Fresca Shower Gel, 350ml




    Ultra-refreshing and invigorating 2-in-1 shower gel for body and hair. Contains essences of peppermint that stimulate the body and mind.


    Get 15% off your next Druide product. Use code LOTI15OCT at checkout. 

    Tease Teas

    Tease Teas (Flavours Vary)




    Whole leaf, all-natural teas with cozy flavours inspired by the fall season.

    Face OFF Cloth

    Face OFF cloth




    The FaceOff Cloth will be your new go-to when cleaning your face! This safe, reusable makeup removal cloth will instantly remove makeup, sweat, and grime using only warm water!


    Scentuals Argan oil Blend, 60ml



    Rich in antioxidants and Omega-6 fatty acids, this oil softens skin, repairs damaged hair, prevents split ends and is great for nail and cuticle care. Uses: facial moisturizer, body moisturizer, leave-in hair conditioner, nail + cuticle care 


    Arise n Go popped waterlily seeds, 25g

    Simply Seasoned & Chipotle BBQ



    An ideal afternoon pick-me-up or simply something to munch on during long Zoom calls. 


    Balance Mini Workbook




    Balance Workbook

    Take some time to pause and reflect on any areas of your life that might be out of balance, and use this workbook to help you restore a routine into your day-to-day life. 

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