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    Self-care box Reveal: Be Courageous

    Self-care box Reveal: Be Courageous

    Be Courageous
    Be Courageous

    The New Year is a time for new beginnings—a “fresh start,” so to speak. This month’s box focuses on helping us take steps to do just that!


    Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Rain Water Daily Bar Soap



    Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day bar soap cleans and freshens your hands and body. Made with vegetable base with olive oil, this solid soap is milled three times to make its lather rich and creamy—perfect for the bath, shower and sink!

    Allen Wick x Loti Wellness Be Courageous Candle | Crisp Air & Winterberry 



    The perfect cozy candle for a winter day as you work through your Be Courageous workbook. Crisp Air & Winterberry is a mix of iced cranberry, red apple, winterberry, mixed with jasmine petals, crimson plum and hints of vanilla musk. Hand-poured in small batches, in Ontario, CA. Burn time: approx. 20 hours.  

    Upfront Cosmetics Hair Masque



    The perfect moisturizing and detangling treatment to nourish your hair, while helping reduce split ends and breakage. Features citrus tones with lemongrass undertones. An uplifting aroma of sweet citrus. 

    How to use: Take 1 Hair Masque cube. Add 1/4 cup of just boiled water and add to a heat safe container. Stir cube until its fully dissolved. Allow to cool and apply a liberal amount to roots and tips. Allow to sit for 5 – 20 minutes. Rinse as usual. For use weekly to bi-weekly.

    Scentuals Balance Roll-On



    Relax your mind and body to add some balance to your day. This grounding blend deeply comforts and boosts the mood, while reducing feelings of stress and anxiety. How to use: Roll onto temples, wrists, behind the knees and inside of your elbows. Gently massage and relax. 

    Pivot: Five Practices to Strategize and Support You Through Change | by Pauline Caballero


    The pandemic has forced us to pivot in more ways than one. The new normal is still evolving and the only thing we know for certain is that change is constant. Learning the art of pivoting is essential to our wellbeing and over the period of five weeks, we will explore the five main distinctions of the PIVOT concept: Perspective, Intuition, Vision, Obstacles, and Tactics. Similar to how we train our muscles through working out, you can train your mind to develop habits to support you to thrive in ever-changing environments. This New Year is yours to conquer! 

    BONUS: 3-Month Free Yoga Membership + Free 5-day Digital Program from Pivot Methods



    It’s never been easier to practice yoga than it is right now, starting with this 3-Month Free Yoga Membership from Power Yoga at Home! For everybody and every BODY, this course is beginner-friendly and doesn’t require advanced flexibility. All you need is a willingness to step forward and practice. Tied to a cohesive formula to help you understand yourself better, this course will help you learn more about your body as you relate to the world around you, and appreciate how all of your unique pieces create you as a whole. So go deeper and create a connection with yourself, any way you want and need it — the studio is always open and can be accessed anytime on your laptop or mobile phone!


    Be Courageous Mini Workbook




    It’s time to face your fears and go after what you really want in life. Use this workbook to help you embrace discomfort, harness your intuitive power, and build enough courage to take action toward your goals.

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