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    Self-care box Reveal: Cultivate abundance

    Self-care box Reveal: Cultivate abundance

    November Self-Care Box
    November Self-Care Box

    We curated this month’s box around the concept of cultivating abundance; looking back at all the good that has happened to you this year and learning to appreciate everything for what it is. By doing so, we can strive to build an abundant mindset filled with positivity and joy.

    Take a closer look at all of the goodies found this months box.


    Bath & Massage Oil

    Jubel Serenity Bath & Massage Oil




    This luxurious blend of moisturizing oils nourishes and softens the skin, while a comforting blend of essential oils will take you to a serene oasis.

    For massage:

    Step 1: Dispense the desired amount onto hands

    Step 2: Gently massage into skin


    For bath:

    Step 1: Dispense the desired amount into a warm bath

    Step 2: Sit back and relax

    The Little Book Of Gratitude

    The Little Book Of Gratitude


    This beautiful book, written by Dr. Robert A Emmons, Professor of Psychology at UC Davis, California, discusses the benefits of gratitude and teaches easy techniques to foster gratitude every day.

    Simmer & Co Be Spiced Simmer Mix

    Simmer & Co Be Spiced Simmer Mix




    Be transported to the warmth of autumn scents and fill your home with this bold and spicy aroma.

    Key Notes: Orange, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, allspice


    Taurah Calming Roller



    Looking for a way to relax on the go? Use this roller for your on-the-go lifestyles and routines to destress, unwind and relax. How to use:

    Gently rub onto your temples, behind your ears, and on your wrists for a soothing sense of calm.


    Use code: LW15 for 15% off on a purchase at shoptaurah.com!

    Calming Spray

    Taurah Calming Mist 



    Feeling stressed? Trying to meditate more? Searching for a relaxing aroma?

    Calming is a part of your wellness routine to destress, unwind and relax. Our favourite uses: Pillow Spray, Meditation Mist, Room Spray.


    Use code: LW15 for 15% off on a purchase at shoptaurah.com!

    Indigena Lip Balm

    Indigena Lip Balm



    This 100% natural lip balm is formulated with antioxidant-rich Partridgeberry ( lingonberry ) seed oil. It is a treatment product to replenish the delicate lip area. 

    PWRHouse Fitness

    BONUS:  PWRHouse Fitness – 3 Months Free!


    3-Month Free access to virtual fitness classes, daily live workouts, and over 150 on demand videos. 

    Free subscription, no commitment required.


    Cultivate Abundance Mini Workbook




    Cultivate Abundance Workbook

    It’s time to acknowledge and appreciate everything you’ve experienced over the past year — and everything that’s yet to come! From joy and achievement to adversity and life lessons, this workbook will help you develop a stronger abundance mindset no matter where life takes you.

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