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    Self-care box Reveal: Flourish

    Self-care box Reveal: Flourish

    April Self-Care Subscription Box: Flourish
    April Self-Care Subscription Box: Flourish

    Have you unboxed your April box yet? We’re excited to reveal our last month’s self-care box, themed Flourish. Everything you see here can be used as tools and strategies to help you grow and thrive in your day-to-day life. Here’s a quick look at what’s inside!

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    Indigena Skincare Blueberry Bliss Scrub

    INDIGENA Blueberry Bliss Sugar Scrub, 100 mL  



    One of Indigena Skincare’s best sellers, this Green Winner (Best Health Magazine) is a face and body polish that will leave you silky smooth from head to toe. Coconut oil, wild blueberry seeds from fresh handpicked blueberries, sugar, and citrus essential oils have made this product a Canadian favourite. Nominated for the Canadian Cert Clean Beauty Awards 2018.


    How to use: Best in the shower — massage onto damp skin, focusing on your face, neck, chest, arms. legs, then rinse. aroma.

    WAY OF WILL Brightening Face Serum, 30 mL 



    Nourish your skin, keeping it healthy-looking and glowing with this brightening face serum. Formulated to be lightweight and easily absorbed by the skin, this serum is rich in vitamins, high in antioxidants to fight free radicals, and keeps skin hydrated. Each compact bottle packs a powerful punch when it comes to skin-loving ingredients that moisturize, brighten, tone, and revitalize dull, tired-looking skin for a radiant complexion. 


    How to use: Apply 2-4 drops of serum in your palms and rub them together. Once warmed pat serum gently onto your face. For best results, use serum after cleansing your face.

    Genuine Tea

    GENUINE TEA Organic Elderberry Hibiscus Pyramid Tea 



    Hibiscus flowers have been consumed as a tea for millennia. Hibiscus steeps a deep red hue and has a sweet refreshing taste. Elderberries are said to fortify the immune system and are often taken as a supplement. This Organic Elderberry Hibiscus tea is delicious hot or shaken over ice with a slice of lemon.

    The Making of a Strong Woman Self-Care Journal 



    Self-care is knowing yourself, being yourself & loving yourself.


    The Making of a Strong Woman journal won’t teach you how to be strong, however, it will show you that you’ve always been strong. This empowering self-care journal puts you first – because you matter. Each journal prompt was mindfully created for reflection, empowerment, and self-love so you can prioritize, and honor your authentic self. We are confident you will feel happier, more confident, and recharged! Whether you keep this journal to yourself or pass it down to a loved one once completed, your story and strength will always have a safe and beautiful home.

    BATH BOMB CO. Fizzy Cubes, 110 g



    These amazing fizzing cubes offer abundant aroma for the shower or the bath. 


    Directions for the shower:


    Break off 1-2 cubes, dampen and place on the shower floor (away from the drain) and enjoy an amazing aromatherapy experience. For the bath: Break off 1-2 cubes and place in warm bath water to enjoy the fizz and aroma.


    Flourish Mini Workbook




    Loti Flourish Workbook

    Nourish your ability to learn, grow and overcome obstacles in order to flourish. This mini workbook will help you to identify and respect your needs by discovering what a fulfilling and satisfying life looks like for you. Find what you need physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually to flourish.

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    Self-Care Plan

    A Self-Care Plan

    This month is all about creating a self-care plan, which is unique to every person. The workbook included in the December Loti Wellness Box is designed to help you reflect on your current self-care practices and create a self-care plan

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    Self-Care Plan - Box Reveal

    Self-Care Plan – Box Reveal

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    Goal Setter - Box Reveal

    Goal Setter – Box Reveal

    We are so happy to help you set goals this month using the ‘S.M.A.R.T.’ technique, which allows you to create a plan to achieve your long-term and short-term goals! This box included the following: TEALISH FINE TEAS Stress Buster Herbal

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