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    Self-care box Reveal: TAKING CHARGE

    Self-care box Reveal: TAKING CHARGE

    It’s that time of the month again, and we’re excited to reveal our May self-care box, themed Taking Charge. From lip care to citrus-scented soaps & sprays, the Taking Charge box is tailored to help you kickstart the summer the right way☀️

    Here’s a quick look at what’s inside the box.

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    Maskeraide Facial Mask

    MASKERAIDE Crystal CIear Mini Sheet Masks



    Let‘s make this crystal clear – we think you‘re a gem. Get ready to enhance your self-care regime with these sheet mask crystals that brighten dull skin and overall complexion. They also hydrate dry patches and make skin glow while soothing and calming. The package contains 12 mini-sheet masks

    Use code L0Tl20 at maskeraide.com to get 20% off until September 1, 2021!

    Three Ships Lip Treatment

    THREE SHIPS Lip Treatment Kit



    Your lips deserve some love. This combo delivers with a yummy vanilla exfoliator to scrub away dull skin and a buttercream mask that hydrates and rejuvenates.

    Bridlewood Soaps

    BRIDLEWOOD SOAPS Orange Tumeric



    With its unique swirls, orange peel pieces and rose petal topping – our Orange Turmeric Soap is one of the most beautiful bars! Rich in anti-inflammatory properties, this soap provides numerous benefits when applied topically. Some of these benefits include: reducing acne, aiding in retaining skin elasticity, and has even been known to brighten/even complexion. 


    Orange essential oil is known as the “happy” oil, as it provides an uplifting scent. Pairing these two ingredients results in a bar that leaves you with very happy skin!

    Bath Tea




    This organic bath tea is a luxurious addition to your bath. Includes a blend of Himalayan salts for relaxation, kaolin, and French red clay to soften your skin, real rose botanicals, and eucalyptus essential oil for a euphoric bath experience.


    Benefits include: Relaxing sore or tense muscles, softening skin, and creating a calming aromatherapy experience.

    Essential Oil Spray

    K’PURE Essential Oil Spray



    Settle Down is a calming spray for the pillow, face, and body. A great addition to the entire family’s bedtime routine,  which also doubles as a hydrating facial toner with a blend of organic essential oils. A few spritzes and some deep breaths will help calm you, inside and out!

    Relaxus Aroma Bracelete

    RELAXUS Aroma Lava Bracelet


    These bracelets are hand-made in Bali and are adjustable using the adjustable strap.

    Distributed by Relaxus Canada, based in BC.


    Taking Charge Mini Workbook




    Taking Charge Loti Workbook

    Take charge of your activities and moods with behavioral activation techniques. This mini workbook will help you to understand how behaviours affect our emotions and menta I state. By taking charge, you can make lasting, positive behavioural changes in your life.

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