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    We are so happy to help you Live Loti with this “Self-Care Plan” box which provides wellness products and activities to guide you in planning healthy living habits in body, mind and spirit! This box included the following:

    Self-Care Plan

    CITCHEN CANDLE CO. Soy Candle 8 oz.
    citchencandleco.com $15.95

    Campfire is exactly what it sounds like, smokey and deep. It smells just like a burning woodsy fire. For those who really do love camping and all the wonderful smells of a roaring campfire! Handcrafted in small batches using Canadian soy wax and an essential oil-based scent. Citchen Candle Co. candles emit no harmful chemicals, are non-toxic, eco-friendly, and luxurious.

    CITCHEN CANDLE CO. Soy Candle 8 oz.

    NIU BODY Nourish Cleansing Oil 60 ml
    niubody.com $19

    The hero ingredient in this cleansing oil is non-comedogenic fractionated coconut oil. This means that long-chain fatty acids (the stuff that clogs pores) have been removed, leaving you with only the best cleansing benefits. Made for: dry / normal skin types; brightens complexion.

    NIU BODY Nourish Cleansing Oil 60 ml

    ANITAKO ORGANICS Lip Balm 4.25 g
    anitakoorganics.com $6.85

    Moisturize and soften dry, chapped lips with this nourishing lip butter. Blended with certified pure Bulgarian Rose Otto and premium oils, this lip butter provides all the benefits for deep-hydrating your lips, with a romantic pink rose scent.

    LOTI WELLNESS Rose Quartz Thumbstone

    LOTI WELLNESS Rose Quartz Thumbstone
    lotiwellness.com $12

    Ultra smooth semi-precious stones with a thumb sized indent are the perfect gift for soothing frazzled nerves using the healing energy of gemstones. Designed to fit comfortably in the hand, these can be used for crystal healing or display. Place them under a pillow, on parts of the body during meditation, use for massage or simply hold them to benefit from their metaphysical attributes.

    NATURALLY VAIN Clear Up Decongesting Serum 2 oz

    NATURALLY VAIN Clear Up Decongesting Serum 2 oz.
    naturallyvain.ca $24

    This skin loving oil blend serum is specifically designed to soothe and calm your body and encourage an overall sense of well-being, relaxation, and open up your sinuses. Use just before bedtime, massage a few drops into your chest, back or temples. You can also add a few drops to your tub water.


    lotiwellness.com $10

    Self-care activities are the things you do regularly to maintain your mental and emotional health. Examples include eating well, exercising, socializing, and engaging in meaningful hobbies. A healthy lifestyle will make you more resilient to stress. Choose self-care activities that can become habits, and a regular part of your day. Use this worksheet to help you plan self-care activities you can practice regularly.


    All pre-orderd December boxes were shipped, and new subscriptions will be for our upcoming Janaury box! Get a box of self-care for yourself or a loved one today ❤️. We are so excited to have to join us on a path of wellness to Live Loti!

    With kindness and gratitude,

    The Loti Team xo

    Be Kind, Be Bold, Be Glad. Live Loti.

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