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    Founder feature: LINA LEE at SKIN-FULNESS

    Our January Goal Getter Box included a sheet mask and headband set from Skin-fulness, and today, we’re happy to introduce Lina Lee, founder at Skin-fulness. We asked Lina some questions about her small business as well as what keeps her motivated through 2020 and beyond.



    Welcome to Loti and thanks for taking the time to chat with us! Can you tell us a bit about yourself, and what inspired you to start Skin-Fulness?

    Skin-fulness started as a way to destress and relax after a long day of work. I come from a corporate and Project Management background so there were lots of juggling, responsibilities, and especially dealing with many types of personalities. I am a sensitive person so this environment and job came with a lot of stress, anxiety, and I became secretly depressed. I eventually found myself lost, confused, and inauthentic to the person I am.

    Through the Skin-fulness project, I started to really find myself again and to liberate myself from the patterns of life I was living. I realized by incorporating meditation into skincare (also known as my self-care routine) I was able to Heal, Love, and Glow again. This ritual gave me the sense of confidence, authenticity, and I saw myself being happy and finding love within. If I could go back in time and say one thing to my younger self, is to live your authentic life and not the life the society wants you to live.


    What does your typical day look like?

    Currently, because we are still in a pandemic, I work out of home with my husband. I am not a morning person so my alarm would go off around 8:50am so I have enough time to snooze and get up by 9am. I get ready and always start my morning with a short 10 minute meditation by the pool. Water helps me relax, calm, and find peace in my mind, body, and soul.

    I would come home, grab a cup of coffee, check my emails and prepare notes for my weekly meetings, goals, and priorities. Everyone works differently but my day usually starts around 11 or noon, after all my meetings with our Skin-fulness team and vendors ends. Around 3- 4pm, I would take a break with my husband and would take our dog (Bogey) to the community park. This would be the time we as a family decompress, talk about our day, and just have a loving family time.

    When I come back home, I would finalize my day by sending out the last emails and finalizing tasks. My day would typically end around 5 or 6 pm. I really try not to work after hours or on the weekends unless it is absolutely needed.



    What has been a challenge you’ve overcome, and what has been your greatest success?

    The biggest challenge I overcame was definitely myself. For some reason, I always thought that I wasn’t smart enough or had the leadership skills to start a business. But with Mask x Meditation, I started shifting this negative mindset of myself. I AM ENOUGH (hence now a product!) was actually a meditation mantra I used to cleanse and train my mind, that whatever happened in the past does not define me now, nor my future.


    How do you make space for your mental wellness?

    I do my best to live a well balanced happy life. That means, not doing things that don’t serve me and my family’s life well. By that I mean, eating well, doing physical activities, meditating, not over-working, distancing from toxic people, taking breaks like social media that sometimes get you looped in, etc. When you know that mental wellness is dependent on your physical body and your energy/spirit, you also start to take care of other areas in your body as well.


    Is there anything you’d like to share about your products that we might not know?

    Our skincare and self-care products are broken down by each Intention. We are currently at our “Chapter 1: Healing” and all our products are centered around this topic. Our skincare mask in each chapter serves as a Mask x Meditation program. So you can choose to Mask x Meditate or use our mask by itself. “Chapter 2: Love” will be released mid next year. 



    What guiding principal do you follow in your daily life?

    Being kind is not a sign of weakness. One of my favorite quotes I heard recently was from Jacinda Aldern. Whether you like her or not, it’s so true how our society can sometimes translate kindness into a form of weakness, and typically targeted to women. To me, kindness is something I choose to live by, what makes me feel authentic to myself… and believe makes the world a better place. Skin-fulness is proud to be more than just Clean, but a Kind Beauty!



    Thanks for sharing your story with us, Lina. You can find more information about Skin-fulness and their products at https://www.linktr.ee/skinfulness

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