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    The Founder of BIBO Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

    BIBO (pronounced BE-BO) stands for bars in, bottles out, a business dedicated to saying no to excess packaging, plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, and saying yes to something else: shampoo and conditioner bars!⁠⁠ They’re on a mission to create shampoo bars, conditioner bars, and lotion and soap bars that aren’t made at the expense of the planet. While Glenda, the founder, looks to the past for BIBO’s inspiration with their plant-derived active ingredients, she also looks to the future in their forward-thinking, eco-conscious approach to cosmetic innovation.⁠ ⁠BIBO calls you to rethink how you care for your skin and your hair, as well as how you care for the planet.⁠⁠ We interviewed Glenda and are giving you a behind-the-scenes look in our latest post!⁠

    What inspired you to launch your brand?

    I was always experimenting and making my own haircare products, but never though of pursuing this on a fultime basis until COVID hit and I lost my job. It was a now or never moment for me coupled with years of dealing with hairfall and thinning hair. This led me to question, did I really know what was in my hair care products and were these ingredients contributing to my hair loss? I then started on my own “hair care journey”, where I completely immersed myself into this fascinating subject. Looking closely at hair types, different shampoo bars, what they contained, the order in which ingredients were displayed on labels, and the science behind it all. I wanted products with no harmful ingredients, more botanial extracts and natural ingredients that will add to the health and wellbeing of my hair and scalp. My own personal journey then led me to start thinking of other people and what I could do to help them too.

    Why do you think it’s important to practice self-care, even from home, and what are some ways that you do it?

    I’ve always practiced self-care at home as it is not always possible to make it to the salon. I love to mix up some oils and rub into my hair and scalp at least once every two weeks. It has to be when I am home all day as I dont want to be walking around in public with greased up hair 🙂 I do this early in the morning and wash it out at night. This makes my hair shiny, soft and stronger. For my skin, I bought a jade roller, and use this every other night. Absolutely love how soft and smooth my skin looks and feel.

    What’s one thing you do every morning that’s really made a difference in your self-care routine?

    I take about 10 minutes to do some deep breathing exercises before starting my day and then give my little dog lots of hugs and kisses.

    Why is your product different from anything else on the market for wellness goods?

    Firstly, this is the only brand that has been certified by Certclean and The Leaping Bunny. I want to show consumers that it is not sufficient to have animal and other type of logos pasted on the website and packaging etc. just for show abut they need to actually mean something. My products, ingredients, and my suppliers have been vetted and will continue to be vetted. Also, no two products are the same just like no two people are the same. 

    Can your products help someone on their wellness journey?

    Absolutely! Without a doubt! Products have been customzied for different needs whether you are looking for volume, have an itchy scalp or oily hair. We can help!

    Finally, where can our subscribers find you?


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