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What pops into your head when you think of spring? Flowers, rebirth, animals coming out of hibernation, and warmer temperatures may be some of the first things you picture. Spring is a wondrous time for the rebirth of nature and a reminder to clean our minds, lives, and take a look at the resolutions we made for the year.

Reinvigorating Our New Year’s Resolutions

Without harsh judgement, consider where you’re at with your New Year’s resolutions.  If you’re like many, you might have stopped chasing your resolutions during January or February. And when you stop to think about it, New Year’s has to be one of the hardest times to jump into new habits. It’s right after the holidays and many industries are in overdrive preparing for an increase in business, which can leave many of us burnt out and exhausted. If your New Year’s resolution was centered around your health and diet, you’re in an even more difficult place after all of the decadent foods that were likely around leading up to New Year’s. 

Evaluate Your Resolutions

Take today to renew your resolutions and evaluate what areas you have made strides in. Pull out a notebook and break down your resolutions into manageable pieces that you can start today with excitement instead of overwhelm. Refrain from judging how far you “should have gotten” already and take it from the top!

What Is In Your Way?

On the other hand, you may have a particular thing blocking you from reaching your goals. This could be an ineffective routine or unrealistic matchup of your environment and goal. Perhaps you’re trying to work out more and have the motivation, but are struggling with your timing. Is it better to work out before work or after? How do I coordinate my family’s schedule with when I want to work out? 

If you keep running into scheduling conflicts or problems with the weather interfering with your workout, it’s time to reevaluate how you’re planning to execute your goal.  Take a moment to identify whether you’re struggling with an internal lack of motivation or a specific, external problem that’s making it harder to make strides towards your resolutions. 

Internal vs. External Conflicts

Is your downfall currently an internal or external struggle? 

If you have an internal conflict make sure that you are still dedicated to reaching this goal and flesh out the reasons for this. Create a clear list of specific reasons as to why this resolution is so important to you then break your goal into bite sized pieces and get started!

If you are struggling with external conflicts, sit down and scrutinize your schedule. Make sure you have a realistic grasp on the hours in a day, your family and work schedule, and environment. Then make these changes to ensure that you will be able to consistently meet your goal. This could be setting a specific time daily to work on your project or switching to working out indoors because bad weather frequently prevents you from running outside.

Let’s renew our resolutions together and start Spring off with a strong push towards our goals!

Lastly, give yourself a new challenge as we break into Spring and refresh ourselves. Try a new hobby or choose to change up your normal routine by visiting a place, learning a new dish, or reading something in a different genre than usual.  Let’s break out of hibernation together and start Spring off with a renewed, hopeful mindset for the amazing things still to come!

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With kindness and love,

The Loti Team xo

A lotus is a flower that blooms from the mud. It symbolizes overcoming adversity and achieving your greatest potential. The Loti Wellness Box offers practical skills and products to reduce stress and anxiety, and improve your overall wellbeing.