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    Why new experiences are Important for Your Well-Being

    Picture this scenario: Your daily routine is nearly perfect. You eat healthy foods, you exercise, you have great relationships, you have a fulfilling career or life purpose, and you know how to manage stress when it comes your way.

    You’ve been living your life this way for months now, but something feels off. As a new summer season approaches, you feel yourself longing for something completely different. You crave new experiences and adventures—even if they scare you.

    Why Trying New Things Is Important for Everybody

    Even people with the healthiest and most productive routines need to shake things up every once in a while. When we live our almost entirely lives on autopilot, we put ourselves at risk of losing our zest for life. Things start to lose their meaning.

    Our minds and bodies are designed to adapt to what we expose them to on a continual basis. This is why something that felt new months ago might feel habitual today. If you want to feel better about yourself, connected to others, and aligned with whatever you’re pursuing, then you need to pump more novelty into your lives.

    Not convinced it’s worth it? Here’s what else you can look forward to:

    New experiences can help reduce stress and anxiety.

    Sure, trying new things can be scary, but if done right, they can also be a great way to beat the daily stressors and anxieties of life. When we push ourselves outside of our comfort zones, we’re forced to confront our fears head-on. And with every fear that we overcome, we become more resilient to stress.

    Trying new things can boost your mood and improve your outlook on life.

    When we experience new things, our brains release dopamine and other feel-good chemicals that make us feel more optimistic and motivated. This feeling of well-being is why so many people rave about the benefits of travel, for instance. Exploring a new place forces us to confront our curiosities and explore unfamiliar environments, which can be incredibly energizing.

    Learning new skills can keep your brain healthy and sharp as you age.

    As we get older, our brains naturally start to lose some of their processing power. But research has shown that trying new things can help counteract this cognitive decline. By exposing ourselves to new stimuli, we’re essentially flexing the mental muscles that make us smarter, better problem-solvers, and more capable overall.

    Exposing yourself to new cultures can broaden your perspective and make you more tolerant of others.

    It’s more important than ever to be able to maintain an open mind and see things from different points of view. By trying new things and exposing yourself to new cultures, you can learn to understand and appreciate the belief systems, values, and traditions that make us all unique. This tolerance and respect for others is critical in today’s world.

    Getting outside of your comfort zone can help you build confidence and self-esteem.

    Failure isn’t something to be ashamed of—it’s just life’s way of teaching us lessons, and it can actually lead to some pretty great outcomes. When you allow yourself to take risks and make mistakes without judgment, you’ll start feeling more confident in your abilities. This newfound confidence can then be applied to all areas of your life, helping you achieve your goals and reach your full potential.

    Trying new things can help fight boredom. 

    Everybody gets bored from time to time, which isn’t actually a bad thing, but you can easily find yourself in a rut if you’re not careful. Trying something new can reignite your passions and help keep your life interesting. When we feel genuinely excited about a new experience or opportunity, we’re more likely to be motivated and engaged in whatever it is that we’re doing.

    Taking risks can lead to greater satisfaction in life.

    Research shows that people who have more new experiences are generally happier with their lives. In addition to the dopamine effect we mentioned earlier, this sense of satisfaction might also come from the fact that novelty-seekers tend to set higher goals for themselves and feel more capable of achieving them. So not only do they get to enjoy the process of trying new things, but they also reap the rewards of a job well done.

    Pick One New Thing to Try Today

    Now that you know just how good it is for you to try something new, we want to challenge you to think about how your day is going and what you can do to shake things up a little. It doesn’t have to be anything major—just something that puts a fresh spin on your regular routine.

    So tell us, Lotis, what’s one thing you can do today that breathes new life into your day? Leave a comment to let us know!


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